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What’s in it for you?

  • Masterclass videos

  • Collaboration with your team members, coaches and our experts

  • Structural approach

  • Startup plan template
  • Feedback & coaching
  • Final report (startup plan and expert analysis)

For who?

You have a clear business idea in mind and know what kind of startup you want to build. But where do you start? What should you focus on and how do you make progress as fast as possible?

As a LaunchPlatform Founder we will help you to perfect your startup idea. Through our Masterclasses*, you can fill in a number of templates, which together will form your startup plan. This gives you and our analysts insight into the feasibility and potential of your idea. This way you get continuous feedback on your assumptions and vision. You work at your own pace to shape your plan, but we will try to motivate you to make as much progress as possible. If you think your plan is complete, we will do a final assessment. Here we will make a report of your plan and assess it using our Golden Egg Check. This check consists of the criteria that investors use to decide whether or not to invest in a startup. This way you exactly know how attractive your business case is.

The Founder account is your Push to Start!

* The same videos as in the Explorer account, this package is extended with assignments (startup plan template), feedback, coaching and the final analysis on your feasibility and potential.

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