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You’re bursting with good business ideas, but which one are you going to move forward with? And how? In the LaunchPlatform you will learn how to find out how successful an idea can become and what the chances of success are.

We want to give everyone the chance to develop themselves in the field of shaping a business idea, because hopefully one day our society will benefit from the impact you are going to make. This is why our Explorer account is totally free.

As a LaunchPlatform Explorer you get limited access to tools in our learning platform. Here you will learn what you need to think about when founding a startup. This helps you to shape your ideas. You can watch our videos when it suits you and at your own pace.

If these videos have given you a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can consider a Founder account. Here you will work with our experts to bring your idea to life using our startup plan template.

Do you want to learn everything about founding a startup? Start now and learn everything there is to know about successfully starting a startup! The LaunchPlatform is your Push to Start!

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