What is LaunchPlatform?

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If you are wandering around with a good business idea or maybe even already in the process of founding your startup, LaunchPlatform is for you!


The platform consists of an online environment where you can learn everything about founding a startup using our expert videos, tools, tips and tricks. In addition, there are always coaches available to provide you with feedback. Thanks to this knowledge you can avoid common mistakes and increase the chance of success for your startup.


Within the platform you don’t only have the opportunity to learn, but also to shape your startup plan and work with our experts on your business idea. Based on the videos and the knowledge you gain, you fill in the assignments, which eventually form your startup plan.

When your plan is ready, we will do an analysis on the feasibility and potential of your startup. This analysis is based on our research into the criteria investors use when deciding whether or not to invest in a startup. This will give you insight in how successful your startup can become.


Finally, you determine the strategy with which you are going to launch your startup in the coming time. What are you going to focus on? Building a prototype or are you already far enough along to approach your early adopters? Together with our experts, we draw up a plan where you should focus on in the coming period.

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