Do you have a brilliant business idea or do you see a problem in the market that requires a solution, but you do not know yet how you are going to realize this? Create a free Explorer’s account now and discover the potential of your business idea!

As an Explorer you will get access to our videos that teach you everything about founding a startup, and you can use the templates that will help you write your business plan.



As a Founder, we will work together to write your business plan using our videos, templates, feedback and coaching.

Unlike an Explorer’s account, here we give feedback (if desired) on every part of your business plan and help you focus on your business idea.

Golden Egg Check experts analyze your plan when you’ve finished it and report back on the feasibility and potential of your plan.

This is the most efficient way to get insight in the feasibility and potential of your business idea!

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group launch

Are you an organization responsible for a group of ambitious startups and are you looking for a program where you can teach them, coach them and ultimately provide everyone with a startup plan?

We can personalize all our features to your liking to create your own environment within the platform.

Please contact us for an introduction and explanation of the possibilities.

On request

I’m going to start on my own!

  • Masterclass video’s
  • Startup plan template
  • Export plan in PDF

We are going to work together

  • Masterclass videos
  • Startup plan template
  • Structural approach
  • Feedback & coaching
  • Final report (startup plan and expert analysis)
  • Collaboration with your team members, coaches and our experts

Get in touch

  • Online environment with your branding
  • LaunchPlatform videos & tasks (add your own content or use both)
  • LaunchPlatform experts (& own coaches)
  • Final assessment (evaluation by your own evaluators, our analysts or both)
  • Startup plan template (export of final report)


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